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SECTION I Theory of Language 8

Venzhynovych Nataliyа Conceptual and Language World Models as Derivatives of Ethnic Mentalities 8
Vsevolodova Maya Language as a System and Systematic Characteristics as an Attribute of Language in the
Aspect of Functional Grammar 13
Kiklewich Alexander Model semiotyczny paradygmatуw filozofii języka 19
The Integral Approach to the Interpretation of the Concept (Philosophical and
Linguocultural Aspects) 27
Lutsenko Mykola Eastern Slavonic Etymologies 31
Pylypak Valeriya Lexico-Semantic Opposition “here – there” in the Context of Modern Studies of the
Semantic Oppositions 39
Sal’nykova Olga Functional-Semantic Field as a Model of Language Description 49
Taukchi Olena The Lexical Combinability Doctrine in the Light of Cardinal Changes in Linguistics 53

SECTION II Current Problems of Morphology 58

The Typology of Syncretism and Classification of the Syncretic Units in the Parts-of-
Speech Aspect 58
Danilyuk Illya

Zagnitko Anatoliy Morphological and Semantic Structure of the Category of State and the Field of State 64
Konyushkevich Maria Preposition as a Syntaxeme-Foming Morpheme and the Structure of Syntaxeme 73
Kravchenko Yevdokiya
Коltakova Natalya
The Ukrainian Linguopurism and the Culture of Speech against the European
Background 79
Kudreiko Irina Theoretical and Applied Parameters of Language Norm in Modern Linguistics;
Morphological Aspects 86
Kushch Nataliya The Preposition: Main Approaches to Studying, Lexico-Grammatical Signs, Prospects
of Employment 90
Lyakhur Cheslav On One of Fragments of a Semantic Category of Ablativeness in Slavonic Languages
(on the Basis of the Polish Language Material) 95
Мozgunov Volodymyr The Peculiarities of Modal Meanings in Advertising 98
Pankov Fedor The System of Categorical Classes of Words in Russian (In the Context of Grammatical
Systematizations of the Lexicon) 103
Sudzuki Rina The Structure of Word Form of Parametric Noun-Correlates of the Preposition 111
Shchepka Oksana Grammar Categories of Comparative: Qualificative and Differential Characteristics 116
Schukina Inna Status of Causative Prepositions in Communicative Structure of Utterance 121

SECTION III Theoretical Issues of Syntax 126

Vynogradova Olga
Kovalenko Yeugeniya
Functioning of Expressive Syntax Constructions in Advertising
Vinogradova Yekaterina,
Sitar’ Anna
Modal Modifications of Wish in Sentences with Actional Predicates in the Ukrainian
and Russian Languages 131
Konyk Tetyana

The Assimilation of Word Forms from Different Predicative Stems in Modern Ukrainian
Kovalyova Natalya The Subject — Object Relations and Component Schemes in Concessive Sentences 146
Kutnya Galyna Towards the Question of Structural and Semantic Classifications of Process Predicates
in the Modern Ukrainian Language 150
Мerkulova Natalya Specific Constructions as a Method of Actualization 154
Novikova Olga Semantic-Syntactic Peculiarities of the Stipulation Determinants 158
Oriekhov Valeriy Peculiarity of Actual Dismemberment of Attributive By-Substantive Complex Sentences
with Interpositive and Postpositive Subordinate Clause 162
Putilina Oksana Composite Structure and Complicated Constructions as Realizators of Deep Objective
Meanings on the Level of a Present-Day English Sentence in Comparison with a
Ukrainian one 167 ЛІНГВІСТИЧНІ СТУДІЇ. Випуск 14

Rygovanova Viktoriya Authorized Perception in the Ukrainian and English Languages 175

SECTION ІV Functional Semantics of Lexical and Phraseological Units 181

Bilozub Anastasiya Metaphor in the Poetry of Anatoliy Moysiyenko 181
Buck Solomiya The Dictionary of Frequency of Official Style: Compilation Principles and Statistic
Characteristics of Lexis 184
Kutsenko Viktoriya Evaluative Potential of Ideologically Marked Lexis in the Modern Ukrainian Political
Discourse 188
Pokrovska Iryna The Horse Zoonim as a Component of the Turkish Phraseology 193

SECTION V Word-Formation: Trends, Aspects of Study 197

Britikova Kateryna Role of the Juxtaposition in the Word-Formation of Expressive-Evaluative Person
Nominations 197
Zhyzhoma Oksana Individual Author’s Neologisms as a Method of Secondary Nomination in Poetic
Discourse 200

SECTION VI Text Linguistics 206

Goli-Oglu Tamara Theme and Comment Relationship in a Ritual Discourse 206
Zelens’ka Juliya Folklore Elements Denoting Natural Phenomena and Elements in the Poetic Language
of Vasyl Gerasim’yuk 210
Lushchay Valentyna Periodical Speech: Centre and Periphery 215
Melnichenko Olga

Graphon’s Role in Organization of Communicative Strategies of Globalization, Contrast
and Discomfort 221
Poperechna Olena Problem of Text and Text Categories in Modern Linguistics 226
Titova Olga Problem of Defining the Period as a Lingual Unit: an Attempt at Literature Review 231

SECTION VІІ Peculiarities of the Ukrainian Language Dialects 236

Klymenko Nataliya Peculiarities of Lexis of Clothes Nomination of Mar’yins’ko-Volnovakhs’kogo and
Western Microareas of Eastern Steppe Sayings 236

SECTION VІІІ ProblemsofO no masiology

Pavlykivs’ka Natalya On the Question of Antroponym Nomination in Pseudonomination 243
Novikova Yuliya Surnames with Colour Semantics (on the Material of Donetsk-city Antroponyms) 246

SECTION ІX Linguistic Heritage of DonNU Department of the Ukrainian Language

Vyshnya Lyubov Syntactic Relations between the Sentences and their Importance for the Structure of a
Paragraph 250

SECTION X Reviews and Summaries 255

Zagnitko Anatoliy

The Aspects of the Analysis of Syntactic Categories. Review of the book: Mirchenko
M.V. The Structure of Syntactic Categories. – 2nd Ed., reworked. – Lutsk: Editorial
Publishing Department “Vezha”, Volyn State University named after Lesya Ukrainka,
2004. – 393 p. 255
Zagnitko Anatoliy

A New View at Morphological Synthetism and Analytism in Contrastive Aspect.
Review of the book: Dubova O.A. Typological Evolution of Morphological System of
the Ukrainian and Russian Languages. – K.: Publishing House of KNLU, 2002. – 302 p.
Zagnitko Anatoliy

Poetic Energetics and Synergetics. — Review of the book: Sements’ O.O. Synergetics of
Poetic Word. – Kirovograd: Imeks Ltd., 2004. – 338 p. 260
Zagnitko Anatoliy About Classical Problems. New Approaches. Review of the book: Рагаўцоў В.І. 264 CONTENTS

Уводзіны ў мовазнаўства: Вучэбны дапаможннік. — Магілёў: МSU named after
А.А.Кulyashov, 2004. – 400 p.
Рагаўцоў В.І. Уводзіны ў мовазнаўства: Практыкум: Вучэбны дапаможннік. –
Магілёў: МSU named after А.А.Кulyashov, 2003. – 130 p.

Zagnitko Anatoliy

Morphological Phenomena and Morphological Problems. Review of the book:
Gorpinitch V.O. Morphology of the Ukrainian Language: Manual for the Students of
Higher Educational Establishments. – K.: Publishing House “Academia”, 2004. – 336 p.
Zagnitko Anatoliy
Contrastive Aspects of Lexical Semantics. Review of the book: Manakin V.N.
Contrastive Lexicology. – K.: Znannya, 2004. – 326 p.
Zagnitko Anatoliy,
Putilina Oksana
Problems and Perspectives of Linguistic Genology: Review of the book: Batsevich F.
Linguistic Genology: Problems and Perspectives: Monograph: Lviv: PAIS, 2005. –
264 p. 272
Karpilovska Yevgeniya Common and Different at Slavonic Language Categorization. Review of the book: Jan
Sokołowski. Słowiańskie derywaty imienne z przyimkiem negacji w podstawie
słowotwуrczej. – Wrocław: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, 2000. –
247 s. 283




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