Лінгвістичні студії: Збірник наукових праць.



SECTION I Status of Ukrainian in the Ukrainian State and its Institutions 8

Balko Maryna Language Policy in Modern Ukraine: Main Problems and Search of the Ways of
Solution 8
Botvyna Nataliya Cultural, Ethical and Legislative Problems of Using Ukrainian as the State Language 11
Stoikova Galyna Functioning of the State Language in the City of Odesa at the End of the 20th –
Beginning of the 21st Centuries 15
Tykhonenko Olena Influence of Language Policy on the Development of Standards of Ukrainian Official
and Business Style 18

SECTION II Current Problems of Morphology 23

Danyliuk Illya Specificity of Syncretic Phenomena within Semantic Approach to Parts of Speech 23
Koniushkevich Mariya,
Vishniak Yuliya
Prepositions and their Analogues with the Semantics of Opposition in Russian and
Byelorussian 27
Koniushkevich Mariya,
Romanows’kaya Maryna
Lexical and Function Field of Prepositions with “Inclusion”/“Exclusion” Invariant in
Russian 32
Piddubs’ka Inna Functional Periphery of Verbal Forms of the Past Tense 38
Skoreiko-Svirs’ka Iryna Grammatical Adaptation of the English Noun-Borrowings in the System of the
Ukrainian Terminology of Science and Technology
Stefurak Olena Conceptualization of the Typological Zone of SURFACE of Prepositions in French and
Tchernyuch Bohdan Semantics and Pragmatics of Narrative Tenses in Late Latin (on the Basis of
“Itinerarium Egeriae”)
Shchepka Oksana Correlation of the Comparative and the Positive (Functional-Semantic Aspect) 58

SECTION III Theoretical Issues of Syntax 63

Albert Viktoriya The Absolute Infinitive Construction and Its Word Order Patterns in Middle English 63
Adintsova Yuliya The Problem of Descriptive Predicate in Classical French Linguistics 68
Vynogradova Kateryna,
Sytar Hanna
The Typology of Sentence Modal Modification Models in Ukrainian and Russian. The
Second Article: Implicit Models
Zagnitko Anatoliy Equivalents of the Sentence: Status, Volume and Functional Typology 79
Lazarenko Svitlana Grammatical Means of Coherence in Newspaper Titles 91
Pankova Mariya Evolution of Linguistic Views on Question Sentences: Differential and Clssification
Royik Ol’ga Non-Semantic Conjunctions in Ukrainian 98
Tymofeyeva Iryna Semantic Functions of Constructions Denoting Physical State of the Person in the
Ukrainian Language
Shatilova Olena Actual Division of the Sentence in Scientific and Business Speech Styles 107
Shytyk Lyudmyla Аsyndetic Subordinate Difficult Clauses in Ukrainian 110

SECTION ІV Functional Semantics of Lexical and Phraseological Units 115

Borodenko Lyudmyla Problem of Borrowings in Modern Ukrainian 115
Hontar Maryna Functioning of Journalistic Terms in the Language of Printed Mass Media 119
Derkach Tetyana Military Metaphor in the Texts of Literature Studies 123
Ivashkiv-Kohut Svitlana Functional and Semantic Category of Augmentativity in English 128
Klimchuk Galyna Thematic Groups of Social-political Vocabulary in Mykhailo Hrushevsky’s Periodicals 132
Kovtun Olena Formation of Ukrainian Aviation Terminology 137
Mylostna Olena Inside Symmetry as a Feature of All Syntactic and Semantic Conversives 141
Fedurko Oksana Peculiarities of Propositional Meaning of Adverbs Derived from Adjectives


Shapran Dariya Some Meta-language and Derivative Peculiarities of Ukrainian Marketing
Terminological System
Shumeyko Olena Vocabulary with Inherent Estimative Meaning as Means of Creation of the Comical
Effect in Ukrainian Poetry of the 2nd Half of the XXth Century
Yushchenko Myroslava Definite and Indefinite Localization of the Subject in French 157

SECTION V Word-Formation: Trends, Aspects of Study. Morphonology 162

Demeshko Inna Typology of Morphonological Models in Verbal Word-Formation in Modern Ukrainian 162
Sytenko Ol’ga Typology of Inter-level Models of Expressing Diminutiveness in English and Ukrainian 167
Fedurko Mariya The Notion of Morphonological Model and Its Role in the Analysis and Synthesis of

SECTION VI Problems of Text Linguistics, Discourse Studies, and Discourse Analysis 175

Donets Mariya Verbalization of the Concept of TRUTH in the Communist Discourse of Ukrainian Press 175
Zelens’ka Yuliya Stylistic Figures with Repetition in Modern Poetry 179
Klymenko Iryna Theoretical Basis of the Linguistic Analysis of Political Discourse 182
Kovtun Al’bina Liturgical Realia Names Semantics Modification in the 20th Century Literary Discourse 186
Lupol Alla Kyiv and the Topos of Kyiv in the Poetic World of Vasyl’ Stus 190
Medved Nataliya The Orthodox-Christian Linguaculturemes as the Imagery Elements of Ukrainian Social
and Psychological Prose of the First Half of the XXth Century
Myt’ko Nelya Slips in the Speech of Tele- and Radiojournalists 199
Mishchuk Ulyana Poetic World of Ukrainian Poets of the 60s: Problem of Discourse Analysis 204
Nazar Roman Description of Reporting as a Genre of Speech 209
Ponomaryova Lyudmyla Linguistic Means of Legal Discourse 212
Rogozhkin Oleksandr Pathos, Logos, Ethos in the Political Sphere of Communication 216

SECTION VІІ Peculiarities of Ukrainian Dialects and Problems of Sociolinguistics 221

Vynogradova Ol’ga Communication Competence as a Sociolinguistics Problem 221
Delyusto Maryna Dialectal Text as a Source of Research of the System of Verb Inflexion 224
Klymenko Nataliya The Material for the Dictionary of the Names of Clothes Items in Ukrainian Eastern
Steppe Dialects
Kravchenko Yevdokiya Modern Literary Norm as a Reflection of a New Society Paradigm 235
Kudreyko Irynа Modern Manifestation and Tendencies of Sociolinguistic Situation in the Donetchyna 242
Shkarovs’ka Tetyana Names of the Words Related to Time and its Segments in Accents of the Border Region
Between the Middle–Polissya and Upper–Dnipro

SECTION VІІІ Problems of Onomastics 250

Antonyuck Olena Grammatical Peculiarities of Nicknames (Based on Anthroponimical Materials of the Donetsk
Osipchuk Galyna Correfference Names with the Onym Component in Valeriy Shevchuk’s Works 254
Prostyk Iryna The First Ukrainian Language and Area Studies Dictionary of Proper Names 259
Tymoshyk Halyna Hebrew Female Names in the Modern Translation of the Holy Scripture into Ukrainian 263
Chornous Oksana Dynamic Processes in the System of Female Proper Names in Kirovograd (the 20s-40s
of the XXth Century)
Shevtsova Valentyna Non-linguistic Means of Influence on Lugans’k Emporonymy 273

SECTION IX Applied Linguistics: Trends and Aspects of Studies 276

Naumova Tetyana Stylistic Peculiarities of the Verb-Form Translations (Based on Studies of Gogol’s
Original and Translated Writings)
Kovalevs’ka Tetyana Conceptual Base of Neurolinguistic Programming 283
Zhanna, Savchuk Ol’ga
Functions of Computer Quiz in General Educational Establishments (When Studying
Romanchuk Svitlana Psycho-Linguistic Backgrounds of the Language Philosophy of Oleksandr Potebnya in
the University Students Language and Communication Culture Formation Context


SECTION X Topical Problems of Language Teaching 297

Bader Valentyna Functional and Stylistic Approach in Forming Culture of Speech of Students-
Bondarenko Halyna Formation of the creative capabilities of the pupil in primary school in the process of
game on the lessons of Ukrainian
Velyka Anastasiya Comparative Description of Linguistic Behaviour of Cadets and Militiamen (Results of
the Research in Odessa)
Yeschenko Tetyana Study of linguistic analysis of text at higher school on the credit-module departmental
Kovalenko Yevgeniya Publicity discourse: the linguistic aspects of study 314
Koval’chyk Nataliya Functional and Communicative Approach to the Study of Punctuation 319
Prokhorenko Oksana Communicative Competence Formation and Personal Features Development of Lawyers
When Mastering Rhetoric

SECTION XI History of Language and Linguistics 329

Babak Hanna Chronology of Linguistic Phenomena in the Studies of the Scientists of Kharkiv
Linguistic School
Ryabinina Iryna
The Problem of the Sources of the Language History Study in Ukrainian Linguistics of
the 10s – 30s of the 20th Century

SECTION XII Reviews and Summaries 337

Zagnitko Anatoliy Asymmetry in Grammar. Review of: Moroz T.Yu. The Phenomenon of Semantic and
Grammatical Asymmetry in the System of Noun Morphological Categories. – Kharkiv:
Law, 2009. – 184 p.
Zagnitko Anatoliy New and Innovative Views on the Expression in Slavic Languages. Review of: Wyraz i
zdanie w językach słowiańskich. Opis, konfrontacja, przekład 5 / Pod red. Michała
Sarnowskiego i Włodzimierza Wysoczańskiego. – CXXXІII. – Wrocław: Wyd-wo
Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, 2005. – 460 s.; Wyraz i zdanie w językach słowiańskich.
Opis, konfrontacja, przeklad 6 / Pod red. Michała Sarnowskiego i Włodzimierza
Wysoczańskiego. – CXLVII. – Wrocław: Wyd-wo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, 2008.
– 590 s.
Zagnitko Anatoliy
Cognitive Linguistics and Discourse Studies: New Aspects and Approaches. Review of:
Поповиħ Људмила. Епистоларни дискурс украjинског и српског jезика. – Београд:
Филолошки факултет, 2000. – 305 с.; Поповиħ Људмила. Језичка слика
стварности: Когнитивни аспект контрастивне анализе. – Београд: Филолошки
факултет, 2008. – 308 с.




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