Лінгвістичні студії: Збірник наукових праць.



SECTION I Theory of Language 8

Vsevolodova Maya Language and its place in the universe structure. System and structure. Functional
styles 8
Diagovets Ivan Category of “activity” in lingua-philosophical aspect (interpretation experiment) 14
Kiklewich Aleksander K. Linguistic categories in logical grammar 19
Lutsenko Nikolay Etymological versions – ІІ 24
Materyns’ka Olena Typological questionnaire for semantic research of lexical units 35
Monastyrets’ka Ganna Creativity as linguistic phenomenon 39

SECTION II Current Problems of Morphology 45

Bychok Olga Secondary prepositions of the Ukrainian legislation language 45
Vasylyeva Halyna Central elements of the functional-semantic field of warning 48
Voronych Anna 1. Distribution criteria and noun paradigm contents in Ukrainian 53
Galaur Svitlana Factors of formation of space meaning in the semantic and syntactic structure of the
sentence with the prefix- preposition correlation 57
Dotsenko Kateryna Russian prepositions and their equivalents in the Kazakh language 61
Kuznetsova Liliya,
Kuznetsova Liubov
On the problem of typology of analytical constructions (considering Perfect in some
modern Germanic languages) 69
Lyakhur Cheslav Secondary prepositions in Polish – status and characteristics
(in connection with an international project “Slavonic prepositions synchronically
and diachronically: morphology and syntax”) 75
Moazzen Zadeh Zeinab Expressing space in Russian and Persian 79

SECTION III Theoretical Issues of Syntax 82

Abashyna Viktoriya Some syntactic phenomena in the context of communicative linguistics 82
Bokatenko Iryna The problem of research of compound sentences with a subordinate predicative part
of condition 86
Guyvaniuk Nina Modifying correlations in the field of predicate units 91
Drach Yuliya The lingual nature of obligatory adjective components of the formal-grammatical
structure of the sentence 96
Stable verbal combinations as the object of linguistic research in projection on the
history of the Ukrainian literary language 101
Kolisnyk Olena Characteristics of the syntactic connection of poly-predicative conjunctive
constructions with explanative meaning 107
Kosenko Kateryna Predicate basis of link verbs in the Ukrainian language 111
Ostrovs’ka Liudmyla Forms of instrumental case as realizers of attributive semantics 116

SECTION ІV Functional Semantics of Lexical and Phraseological Units 121

Vetrova Elvira Names of congeniality and affinity in epistolary heritage of Ukrainian classical
writers 121
Volekzhanina Yuliya Semantic-stylistic modifications of obsolete words actualized in modern Ukrainian
periodicals 126
Gerasymenko Irynа Descriptive constructions with the component color in the texts of Russian
phraseology, folk texts and the texts of literature in XIX-XXI centuries 131
Gut Natalya Peculiarities of functioning of author’s words denoting characters’ speech in
Hryhoriy and Hryhir Tyutyunnyks’ works 134 ЛІНГВІСТИЧНІ СТУДІЇ. Випуск 17

Zabashta Roman Correlation of notional categories and nominative subsystems (the integral meaning
of “person” in Russian as an example) 139
Kapshuk Liliya On the typology of complex joinings of nominathemes 143
National cultural peculiarities of Ukrainian phraseological units with wedding
semantics 146

SECTION V Word-Formation: Trends, Aspects of Study 152

Volynets’ Galyna Peculiarities of zero-suffix formation of nouns in common gender 152
Homonay Ruslana Prefixation of adjectives with prefix bez- (with historical commentary) 155
Dyachok Natalya On gender correspondence of nominatheme forms of “word-combination + univerb»
type 159
Lukyanenko Sergiy Word-building ways of substantivizing characteristics of neologisms in Ukrainian
socio-political naming 163
Merkulova Oksana Confixal nouns with postpositive element -к(а) in the Ukrainian language 167

SECTION VI Problems of Text Linguistics, Discourse Studies, and Discourse Analysis 176

Beznosa Alla Grammatical indicators of the expression of politeness (the history of the study of
the problem) 176
Bogatyko Valentyna Stylistic functions of attributive and objective adding sentences in publicist speech 181
Bulyk Yuriy Language trends of describing the concept “Interesting” in advertising texts 185
Gnatiuk Liubomyra Performatives in the structure of speech etiquette 189
Dedukhno Alla Classification of performatives in linguistics 194
Zavalniuk Inna Structure and stylistic parameters of the use of complex joining constructions in the
modern Ukrainian newspaper language 198
Kosmeda Tetiana Typical discourse words as a component of communicative competence of speech
personality (as based on the analysis of Ivan Franko’s “live” speech) 206
Kravchenko Victoriya Ideology as the impact on the discursive practices 210
Lutvynenko Nina Peculiarities of medical discourse on the stage of system questioning 215
Milostivaya Alexandra Synergetic aspect of fictional discourse pragmatics 221
Misyagina Iryna Analysis of cognitive characteristics of hedging strategy 225
Mozgunov Volodymyr Peculiarities of appearing of the category of “modality” in epistolary genre of
speech 231

SECTION VІІ Peculiarities of Ukrainian Dialects and Problems of Sociolinguistics 237

Greshchuk Valentyna Artistic functions of Guzul dialectisms in belletristic texts 237
Zahnitko Anatoliy,
Kudreyko Iryna
Modern theory of bilingualism: typology approach and appropriateness of
manifestation 243
Zahnitko Nadiya General names of food in eastern steppe dialects 247

SECTION VІІІ ProblemsofO no mastics 253

Babiy Yuliya Dynamics of development of word-building structural types of the names in modern
Middle Naddnipryanshchyna (in comparison with surnames in the Registers of the
Zaporizhian Army): diachronic aspect 253
Buga Tatiana Peculiarities of the peripheral part of Ukrainian male nouns of the central part of the
Donets’k province from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 21st centuries 256
Zainchkovs’ka Olena Morphological variants of microtoponyms of the south-eastern Podillya 261
Kashtalian Olena Mogphological paradigmatics of the adjectival type surnames in the Ukrainian
language 266

SECTION IX Applied Linguistics: Trends and Aspects of Studies 273

Andreichuk Nadiya Anthropocentric paradigm of modern linguistics: ideology and programmes of
research 273
Vintoniv Mykhailo,
Grabovs’ka Iryna
Pronominal correlative complex sentences in the system of automatic processing of
written texts 278
Voloshynovs’ka Iryna Recognition of thematic directions and affinity estimation for specialized research 282 CONTENTS

Haydys Khrystyna Language crimes as a subject of forensic linguistic expertise 287
Danyliuk Illya Methods of automatic identification of text subject matter 290
Karpilovs’ka Yevgeniya Problems of computer modelling of language dynamics 293

SECTION X Topical Problems of Cognitive Linguistics 298

Goli-Oglu Tamara Linguistic interpretation of the idea of prosperity in the traditional conceptual Slavic
world picture 298
Dorofeyev Yuriy Anthropocentrism in language and object of cognitive grammar 302
Karamysheva Iryna Controversy in singling out “Syntactic Concept” in modern lingual-cognitive
research 308
Plotnikova Nathalia Concept Golodna kutia in mythological world-image 315

SECTION XI Outstanding Linguists’ Jubilees 321

Zahnitko Anatoliy Functional communicativeness conceptual postulates offered by M. Vsevolodova 321
Koniushkevych Mariya Researchers hold each other by the hand 325

SECTION XII Reviews and Summaries 328

Zahnitko Anatoliy

The portrait of modern linguistic thought. Review: Selivanova, O.O. Modern
Linguistics: Trends and Problems: a textbook. – Poltava: Dovkillia-K, 2008. –
712 p. 328
Zahnitko Anatoliy,
Review: Zhuikova, M.B. Dynamic Processes in the Phraseological System of East
Slav Languages: a monograph. – Luts’k: Publishing Department Vezha of Lesia
Ukrainka Volyn’ State University. – 416 p. 336
Zahnitko Anatoliy,
Mykhal’chenko Maryna
Aspects of stem-centric derivation studies. Review: Greshchuk V.V., Bachkur R.O.,
Dzhochka I.F., Poslavs’ka N.M. Sketches of Stem-Derivation Studies / Edited by
V. Greshchuk. – Ivano-Frankivs’k: Misto NV, 2007. – 348 p. 337






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